Нержавеющая сталь aisi 304 aisi 321 труба нержавейка.

aisi 304

Delivery of stainless steel products. Service Center

About Company

SETAV group operates in the stainless steel market since 1996. The work was started with representation of Avesta Shefield interest (hereinafter AvestaPolarit, Outokumpu) on the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. Since 2003 SETAV group companies continued working as an independent distributor of stainless steel in Ukraine. Within long time we had offices and stocks in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden. In 2008 in the CIS it was built the first service center processing flat stainless products. In 2009 part of the company was sold to the largest word stainless steel distributor company Acciai Vender SPA (Italy) that served as an incitement for further strengthening of market positions. SETAV group is among three largest stainless steel sellers in Ukraine and has an extensive network of branches and stores.

Our services



We make cross cutting of stainless steel coils into sheets. The sheets are packed into batches of weight upto 2 000 kg, depending on sizes. We make the cutting according to the customer's request size. The thickness of the material for cutting is from 0.5 mm upto 3 mm (on demand), the width is upto 1500 mm. The length of the finished sheet is up to 8000 mm. Coil weight is up to 8 MT.



We make stainless steel sheet polishing and get 4N surface quality. It's possible to receive other types of surface depending on the grain size of the grinding belts that are used for processing. The thickness of the material for grinding is from 0.4 mm upto 3 mm, and the width is upto 1500 mm.


Film coated

We coat stainless steel sheets with a protective film. Types of films are PE, PVC, LP, LPE. It's possible to coat with a fibre film. We use a film of Novacel company. The thickness of the coated material is from 0.4 mm upto 3 mm, the width is from 1000 mm upto 1500 mm.

We offer a full range of products from stainless steel

  • aisi 304

    Stainless steel sheet

    Stainless steel sheets thickness is 0,4-80мм, sizes are 1000х2000, 1250х2500, 1500х3000, 1500х6000, 2000х3000-60000, grades are 321,430,439,409,316,310S,202 and others.


    Stainless steel tube

    Round stainless steel tubes diameter is ø10-324, profile is 10х10-80х80, grades are 304,430,202, seam TIG, HF, seamless.

    aisi 304

    Round bars

    Stainless steel round bar is ø6-300мм, grades are 08Х18Н10 (Т), 12Х18Н10Т, 20Х13, 40Х13, 30Х13, 12Х13 and others. Delivery of round bar is on demand.

  • aisi 304

    Stainless steel wire

    Stainless steel wire is on bobbins and in coils, diameter is from 0.16mm upto 8mm, grades are 304,321,308,309.

    aisi 304

    Precision alloys Tape

    At our service center we cut metal coils of 0.5-4mm thickness and upto 1600mm width.

    aisi 304

    Flanges and fittings

    We have wide range of stainless steel fittings that are used in pipelines working under pressure. These are elbows, reducers, T-joins, flanges, sockets.

Our branches in Ukraine

Our addresses

  • aisi 321


    Ekskavatorna St.37
    tel: +38(044) 501-3735
    tel: +38(066) 291-1406
    tel: +38(067) 827-1007
    tel: +38(050) 421-6400
    fax: +38(044) 501-3732
    aisi 321


    Donetske shose, 19
    tel: +38(0562) 326-865
    tel: +38(066) 346-4978
    tel: +38(095) 146-5536
    tel: +38(050) 363-6673
    tel: +38(098) 165-5262
    fax: +38(0562) 326-867
    aisi 321


    Proskury, 1
    tel: +38(057) 764-7933
    tel: +38(095) 234-0432
  • aisi 321


    Suchkov St. 117
    tel: +38(056) 766-0538
    tel: +38(067) 824-8048
    fax: +38(067) 566-3462
    aisi 321


    Vingranovskogo St. 47
    tel: +38(067) 324-7442
    tel: +38(050) 410-1503
    tel: +38(050) 774-9179
    fax: +38(0512) 582-735
    aisi 321


    Smilyanska St. 147
    tel: +38(0472) 560-376
    tel: +38(067) 825-9889
    tel: +38(067) 254-7640
    tel: +38(050) 337-1021
    fax: +38(0472) 560-810

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Head office


Dnipro, Donetske Shose 19


+38(0562) 326-865
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